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Find pothole repair requests within a 1/2 mile of an address.

Presenting Chicago Potholes; a web application to display and search all Chicago 311 reported pothole patch requests that are awaiting service. These requests include open tickets and associated duplicate tickets. Included, is a simple address search for all yet-to-be-serviced pothole repair requests within 1/2 mile of the given address.

Chicago Potholes is friendly to most modern desktop, tablet, and smart phone browsers. I've tested on every modern desktop and mobile device browser I could get my hands on.

You may also follow the link at the bottom of the map to the City of Chicago's web site to submit your own pothole repair request.

Cheers and enjoy.

Tom Kompare

  • All pothole data used for this site is pulled directly from the City of Chicago Data Portal, using its publicly exposed Socrata Open Data API (SODA) version 1.0.
  • There is no server-side processing code such as PHP, Ruby, or Python. All business logic and glue code is written in Javascript.
  • The Ward boundary layer is stored in a Google Fusion Table.
Code libraries used:

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